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German car industry, government react against EU EV tariffs as BMW faces 21% duty 


The German car industry association VDA and senior government ministers criticised the EU’s preliminary tariffs on China-made electric cars announced today (12 June), which will also hit European companies producing in China, such as BMW and Dacia. 

"We're going to have to pay for the decarbonised economy with the carbon economy" advocates European Parliament Transport Committee Chair Karima Delli
Future of mobility 07-06-2024

Outgoing EU parliament transport chair Karima Delli talks trains, planes and automobiles

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Set to bid farewell to the European Parliament after three successive terms, French Green MEP and chair of the Transport Committee Karima Delli told Euractiv that the biggest achievement of her time there is bringing transport high on the agenda.

“The automotive industry ... generates over 7% of EU’s GDP and around 13.8 million people work in it, creating important multiplier effects in supplier industries” explained Emil Boc, chair of the CoR's commission for Territorial Cohesion policy and EU Budget, and mayor of the Romanian region of Cluj-Napoc.

While politicians talk green jobs, carmaking regions seek to limit the damage

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Europe's car-producing regions know that decarbonisation will hit the traditional car industry hard and result in thousands of job losses. For them, the name of the game now is how to limit the damage, and how the EU can help.

A new scheme introduced in Iceland this year requires electric car drivers to pay a tiny kilometre fee of 4cts per kilometre.

As transport electrifies, governments can still make up for lost fuel duty revenues

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Loss of fuel duty could cost governments billions in tax revenues. William Todts, executive director at T&E, explains why, even as an environmentalist, we should be taxing electric cars

Today, there are only around 630,000 charging points in Europe, far less than the 3.5 million needed by 2030 as estimated by the European Commission.

Running out of charge: Europe’s public EV infrastructure needs a serious push

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22,000 public charging points. That's how many must be installed weekly to achieve the 55% CO2 reduction target by for cars and vans by 2030. But EU countries are falling short, with only 150,000 installed last year.

EVs are on average around 30% more expensive than combustion-engine equivalent models, which has undercut demand for zero-emission cars, leaving legacy automakers in Europe scrambling to develop more affordable models.

China’s BYD will consider second Europe plant in 2025, executive says

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Speaking at the FT's Future of the Car conference, Shu said that BYD will bring a low-cost electric vehicle based on its Chinese Seagull model to Europe.

Making exhausts, headlights, gear boxes or brakes has long been a steady job with suppliers in Germany alone employing some 270,000 people. But the technologies they have specialised in are obsolescent and the process of making battery cars is a less labour-intensive undertaking.

Europe’s auto suppliers – and their workers – feel the pressure

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Production of car component at the town of Gifhorn will end in 2027 and move to Croatia, the Czech Republic and Wales to keep the costs "competitive", according to Continental, which will cut about 7,000 jobs worldwide.

Faced with China’s strong state support and technology supremacy in the East and hefty subsidies from the United States in the West, a lot of Europe’s nascent battery companies are struggling to scale.
Electricity 25-04-2024

A smart industrial policy to fast-charge Europe’s electric vehicles revolution

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s decarbonisation compatible with industrial competitiveness? As the European elections approach fast, it will be one of the guiding questions of the upcoming EU institutional cycle.


German car lobby chief criticises von der Leyen’s solo run on Chinese EVs

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The decision to open an anti-subsidy investigation against Chinese electric cars was not sufficiently coordinated with Berlin, the head of the German car industry association VDA said on Thursday (11 April), criticising von der Leyen’s solo effort.

Freight 11-04-2024

EU Parliament adopts 90% phase-out of new diesel trucks by 2040

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Average emissions of new trucks will have to be reduced by 90% by 2040, compared to 2019, the European Parliament decided on Wednesday (10 April), adopting a law that will drastically reduce the number of new diesel trucks.

Rolling out EV charging points – learning from Germany

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As the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) surges across Europe, attention is being drawn to the readiness of multifamily buildings and the persistent challenges consumers face in installing EV charging within them to accommodate this shift. This raises questions about the significance of EU legislation, particularly the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), in addressing this issue – as well as considerations regarding its implementation across the continent.


Germany kicks off construction of electric car batteries’ gigafactory after swift approval

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Germany secured the construction of a gigafactory for electric car batteries in record time with the help of the EU’s new subsidy “matching” scheme.


2024-2029: Five years to deliver the Green Deal’s mobility promises

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The upcoming EU Elections are the opportunity to debate and design the framework to make the electromobility transition a success for climate, people and businesses, write Celine Domecq and Julia Poliscanova.

Economy 08-01-2024

Battery production: Germany first EU country to match US subsidies

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Germany will provide €900 million to Swedish battery maker Northvolt, as the first country to make use of the European Commission’s new subsidy “matching” scheme that allows EU countries to counter foreign subsidies with their own offers.

Electricity 28-11-2023

How Europe can unlock the huge potential of ‘batteries on wheels’

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A market failure is preventing EV owners from using their cars’ batteries to power their homes and back up local grids. Following up on its Grid Action Plan, the Commission needs to propose the necessary regulatory measures to give drivers a right to bidirectional charging, writes William Todts.

Road transport 30-10-2023

France reinvests in EV charging infrastructure to meet EU targets

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New funding for the roll-out of electric vehicle charging points was announced by the French government on Friday (27 October) in a bid to match the development pace set by the EU's new alternative fuel infrastructure regulation.

Economy 20-10-2023

China to curb exports of graphite, a key battery material

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China, the world's top graphite producer, on Friday (20 October) announced new curbs on exports of certain types of graphite, key to making batteries for electric vehicles, in its latest move to control supplies of critical minerals in response to challenges over its manufacturing dominance.

Economy 19-10-2023

Green investors warn EU against rollback of climate policies

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Despite the transition to climate neutrality creating frictions in the short-term, politicians should not change course, investors in green technologies said, asking for clear signals that the transition will be followed through.

Freight 17-10-2023

After fraught discussions, EU countries reach deal on truck CO2 standards

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EU countries reached a common negotiating position on draft rules to reduce the carbon footprint of heavy-duty vehicles on Monday (16 October), following a long evening of contentious discussions.


Chinese cars far from ‘flooding’ Germany, despite political jitters

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Chinese cars are far from flooding the German market: Their share of overall car sales in Germany remains low but it is rising when it comes to electric cars, which is a matter of concern for politicians and European carmakers alike.


Germany aims to fight EV range angst with more chargers

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The German government is disbursing some €1.8 billion to commercial electric car charging station operators in a bid to reduce charging availability anxiety that keeps people from buying electric cars.


Macron unveils €100/month leasing scheme for EU-made electric cars

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A €100/month electric vehicle (EV) leasing scheme is to be introduced in France from November as part of the country’s climate action strategy, French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Monday (25 September), though only EU-made cars will be eligible.

Circular materials 26-09-2023

EU urged to restrict export of ‘black mass’ from used electric vehicles

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The European recycling industry, backed by environmental groups, has called on Brussels to ban the export of metals recovered from used electric car batteries in a bid to promote recycling in Europe and reduce the bloc’s dependence on imported raw materials.


Nissan says all new models coming to Europe will be ‘100% electric from now’

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Nissan Motor Co said on Monday (25 September) all its new European models will be fully electric and it plans to sell only electric vehicles (EVs) on the continent by 2030, joining a growing number of carmakers shifting to electric by the end of the decade.

Brexit 25-09-2023

EU carmakers call for urgent action on post-Brexit trade rules

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The European Union and Britain need to take urgent action to postpone rules for electric vehicles traded between the bloc and the UK that will trigger 10% tariffs, Europe's car industry group said on Monday (25 September).