Medical devices

Health 31-03-2023

From mobile phones to robotic arms – changing healthcare in war settings

Est. 6min

Delivering healthcare in conflict-hit areas has changed over the decades, thanks to technological developments. EURACTIV spoke to doctors with longstanding experience in the field to see how the sector has evolved.

Health 29-03-2023

Healthcare professionals face the test of catching up with digitalisation

Est. 7min

As 2023 is the European year of skills, one question inevitably springs to mind: Is the healthcare sector ready to upskill and unlock advancements in digital technologies? 

Health 15-03-2023

Unboxing the EU’s medical devices rules

This week, EURACTIV's health journalists Marta Iraola and Gerardo Fortuna dig into the troubled implementation of the new framework for medical devices in Europe which entered into force in 2021. When developers of medical devices started experiencing problems in meeting the …

Health 10-03-2023

Diagnostics and treatments face the test of ‘medical deserts’

Est. 6min

The risk of unmet medical needs increases as certain medical examinations and treatments can be accessed only in the biggest hospitals, resulting in late diagnosis and worsening chronic conditions for those living in rural and remote areas across Europe.

Health 09-03-2023

The dawn of a new era for medical devices

Est. 1min

With a freshly revamped EU regulatory framework and some of the most exciting technologies, the medical devices and diagnostics sector is on the verge of unlocking the potential of a more patient-oriented approach to health.

Health 09-03-2023

Medical devices to lead way in using health data ‘goldmine’

Est. 6min

The revolutionary EU health data space has been hailed as the dawn of a new era for medical devices but its proper implementation presents the sector with some challenges on regulatory aspects and on confidentiality of business information.

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Technology 01-03-2023

How the AI Act could unintentionally impact access to healthcare

Est. 6min

MedTech Europe welcomes the efforts made by the European institutions towards giving citizens the confidence to embrace AI solutions. As the negotiations continue, further consideration is needed to ensure safe and innovative patient healthcare delivery.

Health 25-11-2022

Health commissioner quizzed on curbing medical device shortage

Est. 5min

EU lawmakers questioned EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides about the risk of medical device shortages as the transition into a new framework for these products is not progressing smoothly.

Health 22-11-2022

EU-US to address pharma standards, China medtech protectionism

Est. 4min

The EU and the US are expected to extend the mutual recognition for manufacturing standards to plasma and vaccines, as well as to keep monitoring the worrying protectionist developments in China on medical devices.

Health 30-08-2022

Commission presents guideline to avoid medical devices shortage

Est. 4min

Following a warning from health ministers, the EU executive agreed on a list of actions to ease the transition into the new framework for medical devices as its sluggish implementation threatens a shortage in Europe.

Health 18-11-2021

In vitro diagnostics regulation to be progressively rolled out amid delays

Est. 6min

The European Commission has proposed a progressive roll-out of the regulation on in vitro diagnostic medical devices in a bid to fight shortcomings. However, MEPs criticised the lack of notified bodies to assess their conformity and the delays of more than a decade in their application. 

Health 23-03-2020

EU ‘bureaucracy’ risks hampering life-saving medical devices, MEP warns

Est. 3min

The EU’s strict approval procedure for medical devices must temporarily be relaxed during the COVID-19 outbreak in order to allow ramping up production of vital equipment such as ventilators, a German lawmaker in the European Parliament has warned.

Health 06-11-2019

EU health sector ‘up to a decade’ behind others for digitalisation, Commission says

Est. 4min

The EU health sector is in the middle of a defining moment but the sector is “up to a decade” behind other sectors in terms of digitalisation, Deputy Director-General for Health and Food Safety Martin Seychell told

Health 11-09-2019

Better access to health innovation is Kyriakides’ top priority (and hardest task)

Est. 5min

With increased powers, Health Commissioner-designate Stella Kyriakides is tasked with striking a difficult balance between making sure there is a steady supply of affordable medicines and ensuring that EU pharma industry remains a world leader in innovation.

Health 05-04-2019

Katainen: Same level of priority for food and medicine in no-deal Brexit

Est. 4min

Medicine supplies and food safety standards are both vital and the EU cannot prioritise one over the other in the event of a no-deal Brexit, Vice President of the Commission Jyrki Katainen said on Thursday (4 April).

Health 20-03-2019

Pharma industry urges EU leaders to ‘re-focus’ on patients post-Brexit

Est. 3min

The EU pharma industry has prepared for a hard Brexit scenario but this is not enough as EU leaders need to take specific measures to ensure medical supplies after the UK departure, EU pharma chief Stefan Oschmann has said.   

Health 03-12-2018

Trade secrets called into question in ‘Implant Files’ investigation

Est. 4min

The French transposition of the European directive on trade secrets has hindered access to certain documents required for the “Implant Files” investigation. EURACTIV France reports.

Economy 27-06-2018

“Time is Brain”: How ERDF funds save lives in Berlin

Est. 5min

The most comprehensive EU regional development instrument is the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). But in most cases, its work remains largely unknown to the public. An example from Berlin shows how it literally saves lives. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Health 10-01-2018

Commission reassures ‘worried’ member states on Health Technology Assessment

Est. 5min

The Commission’s upcoming proposal on Health Technology Assessment (HTA) will focus on clinical aspects and leave member states to decide on economic or ethical parts, a European Commission spokesperson told

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Health 19-10-2017

Silicones – enabling the next big leap in prosthetics and health

Est. 3min

Prosthetics have been used for hundreds of years, but for much of that time saw little to no technological development. They were heavy, single-purpose, unattractive and, in many cases, unhygienic.

Health 03-05-2017

Brexit regulatory uncertainty ‘threatens UK med tech’

Est. 2min

Regulatory uncertainty in the wake of Brexit could leave Britain's multi-billion-pound medical technology industry out in the cold, with separate regulatory systems threatening exports and jobs.

Health 06-04-2017

Parliament wants medical devices traced, scrutinised

Est. 5min

After almost five years of talks with member states, on Wednesday (5 April), the European Parliament adopted two new regulations imposing stricter rules on medical devices’ safety.

Airlines failing to accommodate passengers in need of oxygen treatment

Est. 6min

Airlines are unfairly discriminating against passengers that need to bring portable oxygen tanks with them on their flights. Susanna Palkonen explains the obstacles many people face.

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Action for hearing loss
Health 16-03-2017

Action for hearing loss: Make a sound investment

In March of 2017, MEPs Helga Stevens and Roberta Metsola hosted a lunch debate in the European Parliament titled, “Action for hearing loss: Make a sound investment”.