Now it’s time to fight for Europe. It’s time to vote.

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[ALDE Party]

The only way to make a difference for our common European future is by voting in these upcoming EU elections. Only by making our voices heard can we truly aspire for a better Union.

Dan Barna is the USR lead candidate for the 2024 European elections and ALDE Party Vice-President.

As of tomorrow, more than 400 million Europeans are called to vote in a remarkable exercise of our democracies. Now more than ever, these results will determine the future direction of our wonderful continent.

There is an abundance of headlines about extremism, but almost no talk about solutions to improve our European Union. Some do feel disappointed and there certainly is room to improve EU institutions and policies to better serve our people.

But Europe is not radicalizing as some might like to prophesize. We are living together in peace and harmony within the EU just as the founding fathers of the Union envisioned. We share a space of democracy and prosperity that is an example across the world.

I’m Romanian and Eastern Europe is certainly a success story of the European Union. We took down communism almost 35 years ago. I have vivid memories of the bloodshed it took to overthrow dictatorship, live in freedom and enjoy economic growth.

In memory of those heroes and as a tribute to every person that works for the betterment of the EU, we must go to the polls.

All of us need to feel safe, free and protected. It’s maybe easier to live in the future and evade responsibility. But we must live in the present and fight for our future. This is why I am ready to Renew Europe now.

Throughout my time in politics, my domestic and international decisions were always guided by liberal values, whether as Deputy Prime Minister of Romania or ALDE Party Vice-President. We liberals put people at the centre of all political action, defending the rights of everyone to make their own decision and fight against those putting them in danger.

This is precisely what I want to take with me to the European Parliament. I want to encourage solution-oriented dialogue with parties and members who share our vision of a healthy and functioning European society.

As a Romanian MP, I often smile when entering parliament in Bucharest. You see, the cradle of Romanian democracy is housed in the second largest building in the world, built by former communist dictator Ceaușescu. I find the symbolism to be very powerful. It’s a constant reminder that the will of the people won over extremist politics.

And I also cherish the symbolism of the European Parliament. It is a place for conversation and progress, where members recognise their differences and learn from each other while serving the European people.

Having held leadership roles within the complex political landscape in Romania, I can assure you that with the right set of tools and shared goals, Europe can achieve far more than we might imagine.

Current times are challenging, yes. In this post-pandemic era of heightened climate concerns and increased international conflict Europe needs to stand united and stronger than ever.

As liberal leaders, we will combine our strengths to further unite Europe. That is my pledge to you.

We are all guided by values and principles in our everyday actions. Whether they also become a political reality is determined on election day. You have that power. Go vote.

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