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Investment injection needed to power Europe’s global technology race success

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Europe must boost its investment in R&D, skills, infrastructure, and the integration of eco-friendly and advanced technologies if it is to achieve its environmental objectives and maintain a competitive edge, say institutional banks.


European space industry needs a single market approach, recommends Letta report

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The EU space market should be integrated, because the European space industry is no longer adequate to compete in the current global space economy, Italian MP Enrico Letta writes in his draft full report as seen by Euractiv.

Competition 10-04-2024

European industrial giants condemn latest EU cybersecurity agency decision on cloud sovereignty

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A group of Europe's 18 major industry players insist on cloud sovereignty requirements.


Thierry Breton says European Space Law might be presented after the summer

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Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton told Members of the European Parliament that the Commission will need "extra time" to present the European Space Law legislative proposal, possibly after June's EU elections.


EU and US look to attract developing countries into critical raw materials partnership

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The EU and US are enticing developing countries into a partnership that looks to align measures on the supply of critical raw materials, a Commission official said on Wednesday (3 April). 


Europe’s quantum tech sees rosy outlook for 2024, report says

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A new report published on Tuesday (30 January) by three leading European firms sheds light on several quantum trends for 2024, pointing to steady growth of investments in Europe's quantum start-ups.

LEAK: EU Commission prepares ‘strategic framework’ to boost AI start-ups, generative AI uptake

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The European Commission is to propose an innovation strategy on Artificial Intelligence to establish ‘AI Factories’ and boost the uptake of generative AI in strategic sectors, according to an early draft seen by Euractiv.


LEAK: EU Commission mulls options for boosting R&D in dual-use technologies

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The European Commission will propose several options for promoting research and development (R&D) related to technologies with dual-use potential, namely, those that can be used for both civil and military purposes, such as drones and satellites.


French quantum sector calls for more EU funding

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The EU should support more funding initiatives targeted to deep tech and quantum technologies, according to founders and strategists working within the quantum field in France.


EU quantum researchers set to give up IP rights in standard-setting race

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European researchers are among the leaders in the field of quantum-secure cryptography - but as the race for quantum standard-setting ramps up across the pond, they might be on course to give up their intellectual property (IP) rights in exchange for a voice in the process.


EU launches new pact on quantum technologies

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To ensure the EU’s leading role in quantum technologies, the Spanish Presidency coordinated a joint declaration on quantum technology on Tuesday (5 December) which was welcomed by the Commission on Wednesday.  Spain presented the Quantum Pact during the Transport, Telecommunications …


European standardisation organisation’s leadership election embarrasses EU Commission

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ETSI, one of Europe’s standardisation organisations, has just elected the representative of an American company to chair its main decision-making body – despite the European Commission's ‘digital sovereignty’ push.


Europe lacks courage in pursuing digital sovereignty, cloud service CEO says

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EU policymakers should have the "courage and fair-mindedness" to pursue a sovereign cloud and regulate American cloud providers under the EU antitrust law on digital markets, Michel Paulin, CEO of the leading French provider OVHcloud, told Euractiv in an interview.

Data & Privacy 31-10-2023

France and Germany increasingly drift apart on digital sovereignty of cloud sector

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The recent announcement of "a new, independent cloud for Europe" by Amazon Web Services has underlined the growing divergence between the positions of Paris and Berlin regarding digital sovereignty in the cloud sector.

Economy 17-10-2023

MEPs approve EU tech fund, want full-scale sovereignty fund in the future

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The European Parliament voted in plenary in favour of a negotiating mandate for a new Strategic Technologies in Europe Platform (STEP) on Tuesday (17 October) but lawmakers warned this must only be a first step towards a full-fledged sovereignty fund.


Semiconductors: Germany to receive €4bn from EU programme

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In a bid to attract more microchip manufacturers to the country, Germany plans to invest some €4 billion in 31 microchip projects with the help of EU funding.

Economy 14-08-2023

Behind shiny new semiconductor investments, the EU Chips Act needs more work

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While Thierry Breton hailed chip manufacturers' recent investment pledges in Europe as a ‘culmination’ of the EU's industrial strategy and its newly-adopted Chips Act, a lot more work is needed.


Breton: TSMC chip factory investment marks ‘culmination’ of EU industrial strategy

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Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer TSMC’s €10 billion investment in a new chips factory in Germany marks the “culmination” of the EU’s industrial strategy of the past few years, EU’s Single Market Commissioner Thierry Breton said.


TSMC in Germany: The successes and limits of the EU Chips Act

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The EU Chips Act, a new-generation industrial policy tool for the European Union, is producing appreciable results, but not those expected by its early advocates, writes Mathieu Duchâtel.


Germany’s debt brake: 2024 tech funding programs on the back burner

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In May, the German government still had its sights set on world leadership in quantum technology, but now the focus is on complying with the debt brake.

Economy 20-06-2023

EU Commission wants new technology fund, but no fresh cash in sight

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The European Commission announced on Tuesday (20 June) it would create a new Strategic Technologies for Europe Platform (STEP), formerly known as the EU Sovereignty Fund, but expectations are low as no new cash has been brought to the table.


Intel signs off €30 billion investment in Germany

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The German government and Intel signed a deal on Monday that would see over €30 billion of investments in chips plants in Saxony in return for €10 billion of government subsidies.


Intel launches ‘largest investment in Polish history’

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[This article was modified on 20 June 12:18pm to update the figures on Poland's percentage of renewable energy.] Top executives of the American chipmaker Intel and the Polish government announced a €4.2 billion investment in the Lower Silesian region on Friday …


Macron sets out France’s ambition to boost AI, green tech

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France will invest more money into artificial intelligence (AI) and green technologies to counter China and US dominance, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday (14 June), detailing his strategic vision.