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Euractiv is more than news. Since its establishment over 20 years ago, participation in public projects has always been a valued part of Euractiv’s business model. We’re an excellent communication partner for European public projects and a natural channel to disseminate EU policies to media and stakeholders at the national and local level. 

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Euractiv’s content is accessed by over one million people every month. We have the ability to reach over 80% of Europeans in their native language.

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We participate in projects both independently and in collaboration with other organisations, acting as work package leader, consortium partner or sub-contractor. Our multilingual packages include communication, dissemination and exploitation possibilities to strengthen projects’ media presence and stakeholder outreach. 


Our current projects

AI-CODE – AI services for COntinuous trust in emerging Digital Environments

The media sector faces unprecedented innovations, particularly driven by generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), impacting citizens, democracy, and society. The AI-CODE project addresses challenges in next-generation social media by leveraging AI-based tools to support media professionals in producing trustworthy information, combating disinformation, and assessing source credibility. The project aims to analyze the influence of generative AI on emerging social media platforms and provide innovative solutions for navigating rapidly evolving digital landscapes.


TARGET, supported by four National Football Federations, UEFA, and other partners, aims to combat gender inequalities using youth football players as advocates. The initiative focuses on coach training to promote gender equality within teams, integrating STEM and self-efficacy. A communication campaign, featuring influential role models, will amplify the message across the EU, making TARGET a pioneering effort to address societal gender disparities through the popularity of football.

F.R.E.I.H.E.I.T.: Fact-Checking & Reliable European Information to Help Europe Integrate Together

The project addresses challenges from automated content creation and evolving social interactions by proposing crucial technological solutions and regulations. Aligned with EU Commission recommendations, it aims to label AI-generated content against disinformation in Europe’s “Eastern Neighbourhood.” The initiative utilizes AI for fact-checking, particularly amid the intensifying Russian propaganda around Ukraine, with EURACTIV dedicated to providing trustworthy news. Challenges include countering disinformation in Georgia, addressing news bias in Moldova, and combating Russian propaganda in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, and Latvia. The overarching objective is to expand initiatives geographically and thematically, staying updated on technological and policy developments to effectively combat disinformation and support media integrity.

ENEFIRSTplus (Plug Energy Efficiency First In)

The EU’s Energy Efficiency First (EE1st) principle, prioritising demand-side resources in energy planning, faces challenges in implementation. The ENEFIRSTPLUS proposal aims to support stakeholders with existing resources, provide practical guidelines and real-life examples, and test solutions in eight cases across four countries. The project focuses on capacity building, stakeholder engagement, and offers a one-stop-shop for EE1st information.

RECAP: Information measures relating to the Common Agricultural Policy Programme

The project evaluates CAP’s response to challenges like COVID-19 and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It monitors real-time CAP implementation across countries, creates a platform for stakeholders to connect and voice concerns, and contributes to sector rejuvenation, upskilling, and gender mainstreaming. Activities include editorial, multimedia, and events with a focus on interactive and social media. The project involves collaboration with European stakeholders, spans multiple languages, and results in 585 outputs shared on websites and social media channels.


AI4TRUST will provide a hybrid system, where machines cooperate with humans, relying on advanced AI solutions against advanced disinformation techniques to support media professionals and policy makers. Our system will monitor, in nearly real-time, multiple online social platforms, filtering out social noise and analyzing multimodal (text, audio, visual) content in multiple languages (up to 70% of coverage in the EU) with novel AI algorithms, while cooperating in an automated way with an international network of human fact-checkers who will be periodically triggered and who will frequently provide validated data to update our algorithms.

Continuation of the EU4Ocean coalitions’ work

The overall aim of the project is to support the continuation of the established EU4Ocean coalition to contribute to changes in people’s mindsets delivering the required sustainable transition and transformation Europe needs to deliver the ocean-related objectives and ambitions of the EU Green Deal.



This project aims to combine two priorities: fighting violence against women and more in general domestic violence; preserving young adults, since they may also be targets of violence. The approach is therefore that of active prevention, where individuals are not passive recipients, but become agents of transformation. It is also in line with the aim of the European Commission to promote gender equality in sport. This project goes a step further, by not only promoting gender equality in sport, but also using sport to reduce violence and promote gender equality and respect in the wider society.


DEMOTEC: Democratising Territorial Cohesion: Experimenting with deliberative citizen engagement and participatory budgeting in European regional and urban policies

DEMOTEC investigates the role of participatory budgeting in fostering greater and more informed citizen participation in policy-making and in engaging citizens who feel disconnected from political and policy processes. It focuses on citizen engagement in European regional and urban policies, combining in-depth research on participatory budgeting and mediated deliberation in the public sphere with real-world experiments.

GREENFOOT- GReen power and Energy Efficiency iNvestments community-Financed for fOOTball buildings

GREENFOOT is an H2020 project aiming at supporting and fostering the transition to a more efficient, low-carbon energy system by packaging individual participation and financing of the energy transition in football. The project starts in September 2020 and finishes in August 2023. The consortium is composed of: Energy Institute of Linz (coordinator), RINA consulting, European Crowdfunding Network, Euractiv, the Irish Football Association, the Azeri Football Association, European Football Development Network, Electricité de France (EDF) and the French Football Association. Euractiv is in charge of communication and dissemination activities.

LIFE Terra: Europe’s single biggest citizen-driven initiative to plant and monitor 500 million trees to mitigate climate change

LIFE Terra, funded by the LIFE Programme, focuses on creating a movement for planting 500 million trees by 2025, harnessing and monitoring nature’s own carbon capture mechanism and empowering citizens to take urgent action against the climate crisis. Life Terra’s mission is to enable people to take impactful climate action now, facilitate tree planting, educate future generations, and develop tree monitoring technology. LIFE Terra is an interdisciplinary, transnational partnership, focusing planting events in 6 specific countries: Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and the Netherlands.




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