Enlargement & Neighbourhood

EU Commission tells member states to move with Ukraine, Moldova negotiation frameworks


The European Commission said on Friday (7 June) that both Ukraine and Moldova are sufficiently ready for the formal opening of EU accession talks.

Enlargement 12-06-2024

Without proactive approach, EU risks further unravelling in Western Balkans

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For nearly 30 years following the fall of the Berlin Wall and the violent break-up of Yugoslavia, our two countries were divided over the “name dispute”, which obstructed the relations between our peoples and weakened regional stability and the European perspective of the Western Balkans, write Alexis Tsipras and Zoran Zaev.


EU enlargement is a geostrategic imperative

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Enlargement to the East, and to the Western Balkans, is a geostrategic imperative and will require reforms on both sides, writes Paulo Rangel.

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Candidate countries must sync and blend with the EU, argues EESC’s Dimitris Dimitriadis

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To catch the enlargement train, EU candidate countries must run simultaneously with the European Union, argues the EESC’s Dimitris Dimitriadis. He says responsibility for an increasing Western Balkans' disillusionment with the EU is shared.


Twelve EU countries push for key next step in Ukraine, Moldova accession process

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A dozen EU member states have made a joint push to move forward the accession process for candidates Ukraine and Moldova and formally kickstart membership talks by the end of June, according to a letter to the Belgian EU presidency, seen by Euractiv.


Why the next European Commission’s enlargement portfolio could be its most wanted

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In the next European Commission mandate, the enlargement and neighbourhood file is expected to be one of the most prized possessions when it comes to the distribution of EU top jobs between member states.

Economy 04-06-2024

EU defence spending should not cut into cohesion funds, Commissioner warns

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New EU priorities, such as defence, should not come at the cost of helping poorer EU regions, European Commissioner for Cohesion Elisa Ferreira told Euractiv on Monday (3 June) in Berlin.


EU countries hope to agree on Ukraine, Moldova negotiation frameworks next week

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EU member states said on Wednesday (29 May) they are hopeful to agree on the negotiation frameworks for Ukraine and Moldova in the first week of June, though some objections from Hungary remain.

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EESC deploys learning curve engagement for EU candidate countries

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The European, Economic and Social Committee has taken a unique approach to enlargement, using a future-proofing strategy to engage with EU candidate countries through a pilot initiative to include them in policy development discussions. 


UN creates Srebrenica genocide memorial day, despite Serbian opposition

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The UN General Assembly voted Thursday (23 May) to establish an annual day of remembrance for the 1995 Srebrenica genocide, despite furious opposition from Bosnian Serbs and Serbia.

Europe's East 22-05-2024

Ball in Georgian Dream’s court as Venice Commission asks to withdraw ‘foreign agent’ law

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Georgia must repeal the 'foreign influence' law as it could be used to silence critical voices, according to The Council of Europe’s top constitutional law body, the Venice Commission, on Tuesday (21 May). Georgian lawmakers passed the controversial Kremlin-style law last …


EU could formally start Ukraine, Moldova membership talks in June, but hurdles remain

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Several EU member states called on Tuesday (21 May) for the bloc to start membership negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova by the end of June, but several technical and political obstacles remain for the decision to be taken.

Europe's East 17-05-2024

‘Foreign agent’ bill fundamentally alters relationship with West, Georgia’s president warns

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Georgia's controversial 'foreign agent' law profoundly changes the country's relationship with its Western partners and the EU should take the outcome of the upcoming elections as a basis to reassess its ties with Tbilisi, the country's President Salome Zourabishvili told Euractiv.


Turkey should be ‘firmly re-anchored’ in EU, finance minister says

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Speaking in Brussels on Tuesday (14 May), Mehmet Şimşek added that the EU and Turkey share “equal blame” for the deterioration in their relationship in recent years.

Global Europe 12-05-2024

Fresh start for Belgrade-Pristina after the elections?

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Welcome to EURACTIV’s Global Europe Brief, your weekly update on the EU from a global perspective. You can subscribe to receive our newsletter here. What seemed like a breakthrough a year ago is now facing a stalemate: Neither Belgrade nor Pristina …


The Brief – Europe Day: Who’s actually waving the EU flag?

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While the current EU member states need a specific day as a reminder that belonging to the bloc bears advantages, for those outside, every day is ‘Europe Day’.


Why the EU benchmarking on the rule of law needs to be revised

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The European Union needs to create clearer benchmarks for the rule of law and judicial reform in Ukraine, which could then be replicated for other reform areas, write Snizhana Diachenko, Liubov Akulenko, and Viktoriia Melnyk.


Serbia opens its arms and economy to ‘Brother Xi’

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Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Belgrade on Tuesday (7 May) has raised eyebrows at a time when Serbia's President Aleksander Vučić has continued to resist increasing pressure to align foreign policy with the West, in particular the EU.


The Brief – Imagine there’s no enlargement

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Twenty years ago, on a sunny Saturday on 1 May 2004, three former Soviet Republics, three former Soviet satellite countries (one of them having split in two), one former Yugoslav republic, and two former British colonies joined the EU.


Possible to enlarge and deepen EU at the same time, Barroso says

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Contrary to the current European Union reform debate, it is possible to have the enlargement process and deeper EU integration run parallel, former European Commission president José Manuel Barroso told Euractiv. "A very important lesson learned from then is that it's …


Showing courageous responsibility for our Europe

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Showing courageous responsibility means today that we must make our European Union fit to take in new countries already in this decade, writes German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock.

Politics 30-04-2024

EU ministers, candidate countries kickstart rule of law reform talks

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European affairs ministers and their counterparts from EU candidate countries started talks on Tuesday (30 April) on how to strengthen the rule of law both within the bloc and in countries seeking to join it.


EU needs ‘Marshall Plan’ for Moldova and Ukraine, Sandu says

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The EU should develop an 'equivalent' version of the World War Two-era US Marshall Plan to fund development projects in Moldova and war-torn Ukraine, Moldovan President Maia Sandu said on Monday (29 April).


EU’s ‘Big Bang’ enlargement: How 10 countries transformed the EU

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As the European Commission prepares proposals for a further round of enlargement, the two decades since the 2004 'big bang' enlargement show the ups and downs that could lie ahead. On Wednesday (1 May), the EU commemorates 20 years since the last …

Migration 24-04-2024

EU auditors criticise lack of impact, transparency in refugee funds for Turkey

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The EU's refugee funding for Turkey does not have enough impact, while the European Commission has failed to present a sufficient cost analysis and long-term plan, EU auditors said in a report on Wednesday (24 April).