Fiscal Policy

A new scheme introduced in Iceland this year requires electric car drivers to pay a tiny kilometre fee of 4cts per kilometre.
Electric vehicles 22-05-2024

As transport electrifies, governments can still make up for lost fuel duty revenues

Est. 5min

Loss of fuel duty could cost governments billions in tax revenues. William Todts, executive director at T&E, explains why, even as an environmentalist, we should be taxing electric cars

Economy 21-05-2024

German liberals slam von der Leyen for not ruling out new EU debt

Est. 3min

Politicians from the liberal FDP (Renew), part of Germany's three-party ruling coalition, have criticised European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen for not ruling out a new debt-financed EU investment programme.

Climate change 26-04-2024

Energy taxation directive: No progress expected before EU elections

Est. 5min

Despite the presentation of a new compromise text to national governments on Thursday (April 25), no serious progress is expected on the revision of the energy taxation directive before the next term of the EU Parliament and Commission.

Economy 22-04-2024

New EU debt? Conservative think-tank warns of NextGen ‘design flaws’

Est. 6min

In the debate about a follow-up programme after the end of the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF), a think-tank close to centre-right EPP has criticised “significant flaws” in the current programme, including the lack of a plan for repaying the joint EU debt.

Economy 16-04-2024

FDP Lindner defends Germany’s debt ceiling as ‘inflation brake’

Est. 5min

Germany’s Finance Minister Christian Lindner has defended the country’s constitutional ‘debt brake’ against criticism from his coalition partners after a ruling by the constitutional court last year aggravated the government’s budgetary constraints.

Economy 10-04-2024

€600m Italy recovery fund fraud likely to be repeated, EU audit chief warns

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The head of the EU’s auditing body warned that there is “absolutely” a risk that recent news of the alleged embezzlement of hundreds of millions of euros from the bloc’s pandemic recovery fund could reoccur in future.

Economy 09-04-2024

Recovery fund should be ‘blueprint’ for permanent joint borrowing, EU Commission economy chief says

Est. 5min

Given the continued investment needs into the green and digital transition, there was a need for a “permanent” EU-level fund, EU Economy Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni said at an event on Tuesday (9 April), highlighting that the “temporary nature” of the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) has prevented it from unleashing its full potential.

Economy 13-03-2024

Debt or no debt? German coalition parties drift further apart

Est. 5min

Germany's Finance Minister Christian Lindner took aim at his coalition partners' stance on the country's debt brake rules on Wednesday (13 March), underscoring the widening divide between the country's three ruling parties.

Economy 01-03-2024

NextGen 2.N0? Conservatives throw spanner into new EU joint borrowing debate

Est. 7min

Centre-right and national-conservative groups in the European Parliament have voiced strong opposition to a renewed joint-debt programme at the EU level, after calls for a Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) ‘2.0’ mushroomed over the last few weeks to close a gap for public investments.

Economy 21-02-2024

LEAK: The Belgian Presidency’s plan to unblock the EU’s energy taxation directive

Est. 3min

Euractiv got hold of the Belgian Presidency's plan to unblock the EU Energy Taxation Directive, which is currently stuck because of the unanimity rule applying to tax matters. Wood for heating and charcoal will be exempted from the scope under the proposal.

Economy 15-02-2024

Europe cuts 2024 growth outlook, ECB’s Lagarde calls for revamp of German model

Est. 4min

The European Commission cut its growth outlook for both Europe and the eurozone on Thursday (15 February), revising it down from its autumn projection amid persistent geopolitical headwinds and stubborn economic headaches in Germany.

Economy 13-02-2024

New EU fiscal reforms will impede critical investments, experts warn

Est. 6min

The much-delayed reform of the EU’s fiscal rules agreed between the European Parliament and Council over the weekend will hamper the bloc’s ability to make critical investments in green technology and Europe’s defence industry, experts interviewed by Euractiv said.

Economy 31-01-2024

EU’s new fiscal rules impede fight against climate change: report

Est. 5min

Greens/EFA co-president Philippe Lamberts noted that the new EU fiscal rules will prevent the bloc from investing the estimated €260 billion extra per year required to reach its net zero target by 2050.

Economy 24-01-2024

EU should ‘cut red tape’ to halt industrial slump, Belgian FM says

Est. 5min

Belgian finance minister Vincent Van Peteghem has said that developing an 'Industrial Deal' will be one of the key priorities of his country’s EU Council presidency, adding that “cutting red tape” and improving the bloc’s general investment climate are key to arresting the bloc’s industrial decline.

Economy 19-01-2024

‘Austerity will return’

Est. 9min

After a process of almost 4 years, the negotiations on the reform of the EU’s fiscal rules have entered the very last phase: Trilogues ahead! Time is pressing, so let’s have a look at what is still open to change.

Economy 17-01-2024

European Parliament stifles Green revolt against new EU debt rules

Est. 5min

With an overwhelming majority, the European Parliament adopted its negotiating position for the EU rules on national debts and deficits, despite Green fears that it could lead to renewed austerity and destabilise the European Union.

Politics 15-01-2024

Greens chief warns new debt rules will strengthen EU far right, Putin

Est. 5min

Ahead of a vote in the European Parliament on new debt rules for EU countries, the Greens co-president Philippe Lamberts warned against the “end of the European Union as we know it” in a worst-case scenario where renewed austerity gives rise to populists and too little military spending lets Putin win the war in Ukraine.

Economy 21-12-2023

After Karlsruhe: Germany’s economic security agenda on the brink

Est. 5min

The ruling from the German constitutional court in Karlsruhe, declaring the transfer of 60 billion Euros in Covid-related debt to the Klima- und Transformationsfond (KTF) unlawful, has cast a shadow of uncertainty over Germany's economic security agenda, argues Tobias Gehrke.

Economy 21-12-2023

Explainer: The complex fiscal rules that EU finance ministers just agreed to

Est. 6min

After months of negotiations, the finance ministers of EU countries on Wednesday (20 December) agreed on a new set of rules to govern member state finances.

Economy 20-12-2023

German Socialist politician warns against failed EU debt rule talks

Est. 5min

Much is at stake in the reform of EU debt rules, which could also threaten the very existence of the euro, Social Democrat MEP Joachim Schuster told Euractiv in an interview.

Economy 13-12-2023

Germany solves budget spat by cutting climate fund and increasing energy taxes

Est. 5min

The German government has resolved its internal disagreements on how to deal with a €60 billion hole left in the government’s finances after a ruling by the country’s constitutional court, announcing a mix of expenditure cuts and additional sources of income.

Economy 13-12-2023

France ramps up debt rules fight as file enters last leg of negotiations

Est. 6min

French political heavyweights are raising their voices to warn against the risks of an unbalanced and counterproductive debt rules reform, as negotiations look to wrap up before year-end and austere German criteria appear to be here to stay.

Economy 12-12-2023

EU Parliament’s econ committee OKs position on fiscal rules reform

Est. 4min

A coalition of Social Democrats, Liberals, and Conservatives in the economic committee of the European Parliament approved on Monday (11 December) a draft opinion on the EU's fiscal rules reform, which the Green and Left groups opposed for their likely negative effect on public investment.

Economy 08-12-2023

Germany’s SPD kicks off party convention with call for investments

Est. 5min

Germany’s governing SPD party (S&D) has kicked off its party convention with calls for more public investments, including by circumventing and reforming the country’s ‘debt brake’.