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Future Connectivity 04-06-2024

New tech coalition CODE is growing a digital ecosystem to boost EU growth

Est. 7min

The Coalition for Open Digital Ecosystems (CODE), recently held its first public event in Brussels, with Qualcomm and Meta headlining. The technology coalition is emerging as a serious new stakeholder in the Brussels digital, tech, and competition policy space.

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More SEP transparency will help SMEs and big players, says Henkel

Est. 11min

Standard Essential Patents keep our digital world connected, but SEP regulation is currently a contentious debate in Europe. Christoph Schwaiger spoke with Prof. Joachim Henkel to understand what the European Commission's proposals to regulate SEPs mean for the sector.

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Europe’s Standard Essential Patents system lacks transparency, says former judge

Est. 6min

Europe’s Standard Essential Patents system lacks transparency regarding FRAND licenses, said Christopher Vajda KC, a former judge at the Court of Justice of the European Union, he remarked that legal tactics often take prominence over legal substance.

Digital inclusion 29-09-2023

EU Digital Decade report shows gaps in digitalisation plans

Est. 5min

The first report on the state of the Digital Decade was published on Wednesday (27 September), with key findings laying bare gaps in 5G network coverage and questions about the use of artificial intelligence by businesses. The EU's objectives for 2030 …

Technology 27-09-2023

Telecom infrastructure : groundwork for EU economy of the future

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Est. 2min

The EU has set its 2030 ambitions in terms of egovernance, digital businesses and skills, which need to be supported by qualitative telecom infrastructure. This is the goal of the Gigabit Infrastructure Act. The Digital Decade Targets are a

Technology 08-09-2023

EU connectivity law: The business model of tower companies

This week's Euractiv’s Tech Brief Podcast looks at the specific business model of tower companies and their potential regulation under a new EU legislation: the Gigabit Infrastructure Act.

Technology 13-06-2023

EU Parliament asks large traffic operators to chip in on networks costs

Est. 4min

A majority of lawmakers in the European Parliament voted in favour of a resolution backing up the senders-pay principles during a plenary vote.

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Accelerating the EU’s Digital and Green Transition with Infrastructure Digital Twins

Est. 4min

To achieve the decarbonization targets of the European Green Deal, EU policy initiatives affecting infrastructure should contain clear provisions aimed at boosting the uptake of digital technologies and data-driven solutions.


‘No longer science fiction’: Digitalisation heralds new era for railways

Est. 5min

Rail operators are backing a shift to digital technology to remove barriers to cross-border journeys, a move in line with EU goals to double the share of rail freight and high-speed rail traffic by 2030.


The AI Act’s fine line on critical infrastructure

Est. 5min

As EU policymakers make progress in defining an upcoming rulebook for Artificial Intelligence, the question of to what extent AI models employed to manage critical infrastructure should be covered by tight requirements still remains open.


Brussels planning digital push to green the EU’s construction sector

Est. 6min

The European Commission has outlined possible “transition pathways” to address the environmental impact of the construction sector, with plans to set up a “European Construction Data Space” to pull together industry-generated information.

Technology 14-11-2022

Last-minute changes to EU Council’s AI Act text ahead of general approach

Est. 3min

The position of the EU Council on the flagship legislation to regulate Artificial Intelligence was shared on Friday (8 November) with some final last-minute adjustments made by the Czech Presidency.

EU plans to ramp up infrastructure for better military mobility across the bloc

Est. 5min

The European Commission on Thursday (10 November) proposed a plan for 'better connected and protected infrastructure' aimed at allowing swift and seamless movement of troops and military equipment across the bloc.

Technology 04-11-2022

Tech Brief: Critical infrastructure limits, EU Council’s final (AI) Act

Est. 14min

Welcome to EURACTIV’s Tech Brief, your weekly update on all things digital in the EU. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.    “The recommendation should only focus on bringing forward the measures set out in the CER directive, not expanding them.” -A comment …

Technology 03-11-2022

AI Act: Czech EU presidency makes final tweaks ahead of ambassadors’ approval

Est. 4min

The Czech presidency of the EU Council shared with the other EU countries on Thursday (3 November) the final version of the AI Act, a flagship EU legislative initiative, which is set to be approved at the ambassador level by mid-November.

Technology 03-11-2022

EU countries lay bare Europe’s limits in securing critical infrastructure

Est. 5min

National governments have opposed several fundamental parts of the European Commission's plan to strengthen the resilience of critical infrastructure, according to written comments seen by EURACTIV.

Technology 21-10-2022

Tech Brief: AI’s general approach inches closer, 2023 work programme

Est. 19min

Welcome to EURACTIV’s Tech Brief, your weekly update on all things digital in the EU. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.    “During the WP TELECOM meeting on 25 October 2022, the Czech Presidency intends to present the changes made in the …

Technology 18-10-2022

EU Commission seeks accelerated defence of critical infrastructure

Est. 4min

A Council Recommendation proposed by the European Commission on Tuesday (18 October) pushes for increased efforts to strengthen the resilience of the EU’s critical infrastructure. 


Cities look to a greener, digitalised future but key obstacles remain

Est. 5min

68% of the world’s population is projected to live in urban areas by 2050, according to the UN, a significant increase on the 56% who did in 2020, but the rates at and success with which cities are incorporating digital technologies into their fabrics vary substantially. 

Technology 14-10-2022

EU eyes Arctic internet cable to connect Europe to Asia via Alaska

Est. 6min

The European Commission is considering financing a fibre optic cable to connect Europe to Asia via the Arctic and avoid existing choke points, two EU officials familiar with the matter told EURACTIV under the condition of anonymity.

Technology 06-10-2022

EU aims to tackle threats to submarine data cables

Est. 4min

In response to the Nord Stream pipeline leaks, the European Commission pledged to increase the protection of undersea internet cables on Wednesday (5 October), via a five-point plan to improve critical infrastructure. 

EU vows to draw up plans to protect critical infrastructure

Est. 6min

Suspected Russian sabotage of Europe’s gas pipelines has left the EU scrambling to come up with a protection plan for the bloc's critical infrastructure.

Technology 20-09-2022

Algorithmic error one cause of Italy’s flooding disaster

Est. 5min

The dramatic flood that devastated the province of Ancona in the Italian region of Marche at the weekend, in which 11 people were injured and two went missing, could have been at least partially avoided was it not for the inaccuracy of a weather-forecasting algorithm.

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REPower EU: A critical moment to make next generation infrastructure digital by design

Est. 5min

Promoting and adopting cutting-edge technologies in infrastructure is crucial to overcome the EU’s current energy crisis and achieve the bloc’s green and digital goals.