Today, there are only around 630,000 charging points in Europe, far less than the 3.5 million needed by 2030 as estimated by the European Commission.
Electric vehicles 21-05-2024

Running out of charge: Europe’s public EV infrastructure needs a serious push

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22,000 public charging points. That's how many must be installed weekly to achieve the 55% CO2 reduction target by for cars and vans by 2030. But EU countries are falling short, with only 150,000 installed last year.

Europe’s looming power grid roadblock: Transformers

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A shortage of transformers is putting Europe's grid build-out at risk, stretching project lead times and adding to a price surge that will be felt on consumers' bills, researchers and experts have warned.

Europe embraces speedier, riskier way of building power grids

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The EU is looking to fast-track massive investments into its energy infrastructure, shifting risk from companies to consumers and risking a landscape with derelict, half-finished pylons.

Europe’s industrialists want deep reform of power market to tackle €800b grid spending gap

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The EU is faced with a grid investment gap of €800 billion until 2030, finds a report commissioned by industry lobby-group ERT, who call for another power market revamp to help address the issue.

Ukraine, Moldova, Slovakia join ‘Vertical Corridor’ European gas transportation scheme

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Ukraine, Moldova and Slovakia on Friday (19 January) joined an initiative for a planned corridor to carry natural gas between Greece and countries to its north as Europe steps up efforts to diversify supply and boost energy security.

Electric vehicles 11-01-2024

2024-2029: Five years to deliver the Green Deal’s mobility promises

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The upcoming EU Elections are the opportunity to debate and design the framework to make the electromobility transition a success for climate, people and businesses, write Celine Domecq and Julia Poliscanova.

Berlin to present first European rules on hydrogen grid financing

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Germany could soon become the first European country to put in place a policy framework for supporting investments in hydrogen infrastructure, in anticipation of EU regulations that are currently still in the making.

Politics 07-11-2023

Germany speeds up infrastructure projects with automatic approvals

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Germany’s federal and state governments have agreed on a package to speed up the roll-out of new infrastructure projects such as railways and power grids, in part by automatically approving applications if there is no timely response by responsible authorities.

Grid fees remain key sticking point as EU finalises hydrogen rules

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As the European Union finalises its hydrogen and gas rulebook, key issues remain on how to remunerate network operators for building and maintaining Europe’s future hydrogen grid.

Politics 07-09-2023

Breton wants EU investment bank to finance nuclear, sides with France

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The European Investment Bank (EIB) ought to ‘support the EU’s key public policies,’ and so must finance nuclear energy, Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton told journalists on Wednesday, effectively siding with the French approach.

Germany aims to connect 100,000 buildings to district heating every year

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The high-profile political spat over the end of fossil fuel boilers in Germany may end up benefitting demand for connections to city-wide heating grids similar to those currently deployed in Berlin, with plans to connect 100,000 buildings every year.

Electricity 24-04-2023

EU eyes ‘billions’ worth in flexibility from local electricity grids

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As Europe shuts down its remaining coal power plants and turns away from volatile gas for electricity generation, it is also losing key flexible power supplies that can be switched on at the last minute to keep the lights on during peak hours.

Electricity 15-11-2022

France to expand electricity interconnections with Ireland, Italy

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Irish and French energy regulators confirmed that the Celtic Interconnector will be completed by 2027, despite a substantial re-evaluation of the project's costs. The French grid operator also confirmed the partial launch of the Savoy-Piedmont electricity interconnection.

EU Parliament backs MidCat pipeline, despite French opposition

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The European Parliament voted on a resolution to tackle energy prices on Wednesday (5 October), which includes the relaunch of the MidCat pipeline linking Spain with France, despite opposition from French MEPs.

Energy 06-10-2022

Spain and Germany strengthen alliance, pressure France on gas interconnector

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Spain and Germany's leaders vowed on Wednesday (5 October) to strengthen their alliance and doubled down on their plan to build a new Pyrenean gas pipeline despite opposition from mutual neighbour France.

Energy 16-09-2022

French project to export gas to Germany from October in final stages

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France is on its way to approving a project to export 100 Gigawatt hours per day of gas to Germany from 10 October as the Energy Regulatory Commission launched the project's public consultation phase on Thursday (15 September) - the last but one step before the launch.

Energy 16-09-2022

MidCat pipeline stand-off puts EU’s energy solidarity to the test

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European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen's call for greater EU "energy solidarity" during her State of the Union address could be difficult to achieve, as the Franco-Spanish MidCat gas pipeline project – on hold due to France's continued opposition – already shows.

Energy 06-09-2022

Macron adamant no need for MidCat gas pipeline

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French President Emmanuel Macron confirmed he would not relaunch the MidCat gas interconnection project between France and Spain, but he hinted he could be open to persuasion. 

Energy 26-08-2022

France keeps blocking MidCat gas interconnection with Spain

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Spain, Portugal and Germany have revived talks on the MidCat gas pipeline project linking the Iberian Peninsula with France, but Paris remains reluctant, calling the future of the project into question.

Energy 15-07-2022

Europe must coordinate infrastructure plans to secure gas supply, avoid fossil lock-ins

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Governments across Europe are investing in infrastructure for the production and transportation of natural gas to replace imports from Russia. This is warranted to some degree, yet risks an over-expansion and fossil lock-in, write Friederike Altgelt and Martin Albicker.

Security of gas supply – What role for gas infrastructure?

Rewatch this EURACTIV Hybrid Conference where stakeholders discussed the policy tools that can strengthen EU security of supply. Addressed questions included:

- How can gas supplies be secured in the most efficient and sustainable way, while at the same time ensuring the protection of EU citizens and industries? Is a holistic approach achievable?
- What is the role of gas infrastructure? Can gas infrastructure operators connect Europe to the global market?
- What solutions exist to transport and store renewables and low-carbon molecules over long distances with the existing and future LNG, underground storage and transmission facilities?

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Becoming climate neutral by 2050: How Europe’s energy system has to change

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In light of climate change and the war in Ukraine, the European energy system faces an unprecedented transformation. How can this succeed? Michael Jesberger is the COO of TransnetBW. Let’s assume we are in 2050 and the Green Deal is a success. …

Energy 22-04-2022

Catalan leader confident gas pipeline with France will be built this decade

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The head of the regional government of Catalonia is confident a pipeline to ship gas and potentially green hydrogen from the northeastern Spanish region to France will be built this decade as Europe seeks to cut its energy reliance on Russia.

Energy 17-03-2022

Portugal seeks to position itself as Europe’s ‘new gateway for gas’

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The European Union will struggle to cut dependence on Russian gas, but must do so to avoid possible supply shortfalls next winter, a Portuguese minister said on Wednesday (16 March), adding Portugal's liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports could help.