Education & Training

Economy 16-08-2023

Student living costs reach ‘historic’ highs in France

Est. 3min

Student living costs are reaching new highs in France, with up to 10% increases year-on-year in rent, utility bills, and food, according to student unions’ new data.

Economy 14-08-2023

Behind shiny new semiconductor investments, the EU Chips Act needs more work

Est. 7min

While Thierry Breton hailed chip manufacturers' recent investment pledges in Europe as a ‘culmination’ of the EU's industrial strategy and its newly-adopted Chips Act, a lot more work is needed.

Economy 29-06-2023

‘Skills-first’ hiring could widen Europe’s labour pool

Est. 6min

To close the skills gap, businesses and policymakers have recently backed a 'skills-first' hiring approach, which evaluates job applicants based on their abilities instead of traditional education or certification.

Economy 21-06-2023

Let’s build a fairer Erasmus now

Est. 5min

Grants for the Erasmus student exchange programme are not keeping pace with inflation, pricing out many poorer students - that needs to change, write Nicu Stefanuta and Juan Rayon Gonzalez.

Economy 13-06-2023

Labour shortages: We are hard at work, France tells Commission

Est. 3min

French Labour Minister Olivier Dussopt rejected on Monday (12 June) the European Commission's criticism that his government was not doing enough to reduce labour shortages, replying instead that "we're hard at work".

Economy 09-05-2023

ANALYSIS: Macron’s uphill battle to get the French to like their jobs

Est. 7min

A number of structural reforms introduced by French President Emmanuel Macron in 2017 have brought employment back to pre-2008 levels. However, the French are growing more and more disenfranchised with their jobs. After months of political fights over a widely-rejected pensions …

Economy 04-05-2023

Germany tackles gender clichés in bid to reduce skills shortages

Est. 5min

Germany’s skills shortage is particularly high in professions typically prone to gender clichés, participants of a conference on vocational orientation said on Thursday (4 May), stressing the need to reduce gender bias in career choices.

Economy 19-04-2023

EU Commission warns of slow progress in digital skills development

Est. 4min

The European Commission is looking to step up efforts to help member states accelerate digital skills development in order to achieve the EU goals set for 2030.

Economy 17-04-2023

The hidden costs of unpaid internships

Est. 5min

Unpaid internships cost young Europeans over €1,000/month, deepen social inequalities, and exclude vulnerable youth; the EU needs to implement binding laws to ban unpaid internships and provide quality internships for everyone, writes Mark McNulty.

Economy 29-03-2023

Europe lagging behind on digital skills development, says EU official

Est. 4min

Barriers to lifelong learning and limited investment in training are slowing down the European Union’s efforts to fill the digital skills gap by 2030, according to EU representatives and experts, who pointed to the need for increased upskilling and reskilling support.

Economy 09-03-2023

Missing: Teachers for Europe

Est. 10min

Welcome to EURACTIV’s weekly Economy Brief. You can subscribe to the newsletter here. Teaching has become unattractive as a career in Europe. Many education graduates seek jobs in other professions, while those who teach tend to retire early, EU …

Economy 06-03-2023

EU Commissioner calls for better pay for essential professions

Est. 4min

In an interview with EURACTIV, the European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights Nicolas Schmit said member states should provide better recognition, pay and working conditions to make certain professions, such as care jobs, more attractive to Europeans. 

Politics 03-03-2023

Denmark presents controversial plan to shorten Master’s programmes

Est. 3min

The length of many Master’s degrees is to be halved, according to the education reform plan presented by the government on Thursday –  a move experts and the opposition believe will greatly harm the Danish education system. With its new education …

Politics 02-03-2023

Former UK education secretary says teaching unions ‘hate work’

Est. 2min

Teaching unions ‘just hate work’ and complain about a lack of protective equipment in order to ‘have an excuse not to teach’ during the COVID-19 pandemic, Former Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said in a leaked WhatsApp exchange to Matt Hancock, …

Economy 24-02-2023

Workers for Future: Germany’s dual vocational training under stress

Est. 5min

Germany’s dual vocational training system, often praised as a model to follow, is in crisis, workers' representatives and employers say, while more and more skilled workers are needed to realise the country's green transition.

Economy 20-02-2023

Europe’s quest for skills

Est. 2min

As Europe grapples with both skills and labour shortages, EU institutions and national governments are trying to find ways to fill the gaps in Europe’s labour market. This EURACTIV Special Report looks at Europe's challenges in training, attracting and retaining …

Economy 20-02-2023

Teachers face bureaucracy, extra training when relocating within EU

Est. 6min

Education professionals face considerable bureaucratic hurdles and mandatory additional training to get their domestic qualifications recognised if they want to work in another member state, barriers that are worsening the EU's skills shortage. 

Politics 15-02-2023

Roma segregated in schools, Supreme Court finds

Est. 2min

Roma children are segregated in Roma-only primary schools in the eastern city of Stará Ľubovňa, according to the first-of-its-kind Supreme Court ruling that holds the Education Ministry and city institutions responsible. The city of Stará Ľubovňa, where the school is located, …

Politics 07-02-2023

German education minister announces cooperation with Ukraine

Est. 2min

Germany has promised to reinforce cooperation with Ukraine on education, research and vocational training, Education and Research Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger promised during a visit to Kyiv on Monday. Stark-Watzinger of the liberal FDP held talks on strengthening research cooperation between the …

Justice 27-01-2023

Hungary will amend university law to secure EU funding, minister says

Est. 2min

Hungary will amend legislation in March to address Brussels' concerns about government-linked politicians holding seats on university boards in order to restore European Union funding for students and teachers, a Hungarian minister said on Thursday (26 January).

Politics 26-01-2023

Catalonia hit by cross-sector protests

Est. 2min

Thousands of doctors, nurses, teachers and taxi drivers took to the streets of Barcelona and other major Catalan cities on Wednesday, pointing out their poor working conditions and low wages. Barcelona saw the protests of more than 15,000 doctors and nurses, …

Politics 18-01-2023

Teachers demands are fair, says Portuguese president

Est. 2min

Portugal’s teachers have several understandable and fair demands, said Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who called on the government and unions to establish a constructive dialogue and avoid a prolonged strike period. “Tomorrow [Wednesday], a new round of talks …

Politics 17-01-2023

Portuguese teachers strike after failed negotiations

Est. 2min

Eight unions led a teachers’ strike on Monday that will last 18 days after the Education Ministry pushed back negotiation dates on the deadline to withdraw some proposals presented in previous negotiations. A teachers’ strike that will last 18 days

Politics 16-01-2023

Finnish education system fails to improve performance

Est. 2min

The once internationally applauded Finnish education system has failed to evolve and has deteriorated, found a new report published by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture on Thursday. While other countries have improved their performance, Finland has been stranded, according …